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Welcome to Body Sensing.

Reduce stress, relieve pain and restore wellbeing through mindfulness-based movement therapy and body-mind coaching.

Pain / Stress

Pain is your nervous system saying “I’ve had enough”. It’s more than a physical sensation

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Mindful Movement

You don’t need effort to strengthen your body.

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Meet me In person or on Skype for Mindfulness coaching Mindful movement or Yoga

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Release your diaphragm to strengthen your core

The Core”, core strength and core training are buzz words made popular by Pilates and adopted by almost every fitness programme today. Even physical therapists are recommending core strengthening exercises for back pain and posture but… are we over training the core?...

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Swellendam Mindful Wellness Retreat 18-23 March 2017

A 6 day mindfulness healing retreat to Release Tension and Toxins, Restore Wellbeing and Re-align body and mind If you often feel like: “I’m exhausted”, “I am overwhelmed”, “I’m stuck”, “I need to calm down”, “I need to detox”, “I want to start eating healthy but…”...

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What Others Say

I definitely have a different sense about how I move and how I feel when I move

I feel that I have  a greater sense of awareness of my body and how it is integrated

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