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Practicing Mindfulness for pain relief may seem like a peculiar or unconventional way of healing a physical sensation in the body yet pain is not just physical.

Pain is your nervous system saying

  • “I’ve had enough”
  • “I’m exhausted”
  • “I need to rest”
  • “I feel overwhelmed”
  • “I need to calm down”

Mindfulness practices like mindfulness meditation reduce stress by calming down the nervous system.

The calm response™ is unique to Body Sensing and is a quick and easy body mindfulness practice that will overcome your body’s stress response and ease your pain.

Mindfulness in motion for effortless pain relief and posture

  • Easier than yoga or pilates
  • Mind/body healing
  • For anyone
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mindfulness coaching will help you face life's
challenges with ease

  • Cope with stress
  • Make better life choices
  • Manage your emotions
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What others say

  • Yasmin’s work has shown me how to find a little peace and freedom in the chaos of my busy life and overactive mind. By using her simple movement techniques, I now understand better how to ‘let go’ andconnect with a place of calm and integrity within my being. A technique such as Body Sensing that can so simply teach us to free ourselves from chronic stress (the cycle of perpetual sympathetic nervous system activation that is such a part of modern life) is invaluable.

    Fiona Douglas, Johannesburg, October 2014
  • Not only has it given me a tool to combat aches and pains but gives me a much clearer understanding of my physicality, resulting in being kinder and much more considerate to my body. In practicing of “letting go” I am aware that it is much more than simply breathing out. Letting go is a physical “tool” making the letting go of unwanted emotions and thoughts much easier.

    With all my gratitude and Love , Herta
  • I attended a 10 day pain relief programme with Yasmin and was a bit skeptical to hear that the simple practice could bring long term relief but decided to give it a go. I had been struggling with chronic back pain for 16 years and had tried everything.   I have been pain free now for 6 months and still can’t believe it. What works with this programme is that it gets to the cause of pain.

    Audrey aged 38
  • I always thought that my type 2 Diabetes was hereditary and that my high blood pressure was just a sign of nature taking its course and my chronic back pain was part of degeneration and ageing. After attending a 14 day retreat with Nic and Yasmin, I learnt that lifestyle illnesses were caused by stress and depression. 

    Naseera – aged 69
  • I was diagnosed with Sjorgen’s syndrome in March 2014, an autoimmune condition that reduces saliva and fluid production in the body. It left me with a dry mouth, swollen glands, dry skin, heartburn and a body that ached all over, like the flu. I was told that it is incurable and only manageable with medication.

    Fatima aged 74

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Q.What does Somatic mean?

A.Somatic means “of the body” and refers to body centered practices that influence our state of mind.

Q.Is it a Physical Exercise?

A.Body Sensing is not a physical exercise like Pilates, fitness training, Physical Yoga or physical therapy where you are taught by direction or instruction to perfect physical health and fitness.

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